Heart-Led Leadership

As I've been sitting here, writing some brand new material for [Event Name] on [Event Date], on, I've been asking myself -- how can I make this even better for you?

That's why I put together a very quick assessment -- to ask you about the areas where you need the most help. I want to make sure I'm covering EXACTLY what will make the most difference for you [next week].

So, I'd like to invite you to take the Heart-Led Leadership below -- and in as little as 4 minutes you’ll not only discover the areas where you're on track and doing well, you’ll also pinpoint those areas that really need your attention in order to [enter your text here].

But we won’t stop there. After taking this assessment check your inbox right away -- I'm going to send you a copy of your results and some further instructions that you should definitely follow.

0-3 = I haven't even started this yet.
4 -6= I've given this some attention.
7 -9= I'm doing really well here.
10 = I have totally mastered this.

I. Vision & Purpose

1. I know what my purpose is and how I am uniquely qualified to contribute in a meaningful way.

2. I have a compelling, written vision for where I want my life to be [X years] from now.

3. I understand my life's purpose and how I can contribute to others in a meaningful way.

4. I find ways to live out my purpose in both my personal and professional life.

II. The Inner Game

1. I am truly happy and gain great satisfaction from the work I do.

2. I am extremely confident in my ability to be the leader my team needs me to be.

3. I have strategies that help me navigate the emotional highs and lows of leading others.

4. I remain calm and grounded even in times of crisis or difficulty.

III. Planning & Productivity

1. I have a written plan that lays out the details for achieving our goals over the next year.

2. My project management skills enable us to consistently meet deadlines and stay within budget.

3. I have a process for monitoring progress so we know when to make corrections or shift course.

4. I have the tools and systems that enable me to operate at an extremely high level of productivity.

IV. Team Building

1. Each team member is clear about their role and understands what is expected from them.

2. Our meetings are productive, positive and support each individual to do their best work.

3. Our team culture is one that’s positive, productive and aligned with the company’s mission.

4. We have fostered a team culture that encourages connection and inspires personal growth.

V. Communication

1. We have a process for providing 360-degree feedback to keep the lines of communication open.

2. I have a clear process in place for resolving conflict or miscommunication among the team.

3. I have honed my ability to praise people for a job well done and celebrate accomplishments.

4. When delegating to others I ensure they are clear about the expectations and timelines.

VI. Your Commitment Level (0=not committed, 10=totally committed)

1. I realize the value of working with a coach to get to the next level in my personal and professional life.

2. I am willing to invest both emotionally and financially to explore options to bring my leadership to the next level.

3. I value a complimentary evaluation session and will schedule one immediately if qualified.

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